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Peyronie’s Disease

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is an inflammatory process that can result in curved or painful erections. The tunica albuginea is a fibrous envelope within the penis. Scar tissue makes these tissues less flexible, causing the penis to bend during tumescence.

Causes of ED

Male sexual arousal is a complex interaction between blood vessels, nerves, hormones, muscles, and the brain. Issues with any of these factors can result in ED.

In many cases, ED is caused an underlying medical condition. Dr. Celigoj can identify conditions that lead to ED including the following:

Signs of Peyronie’s Disease

Signs of Peyronie’s Disease include the following:

  • Bent or curved penis
  • Narrowing of penis
  • Plaque or “knot” in the penis
  • Painful erections
  • Difficulties during sex due to a bent or curved penis

Peyronie’s Disease is common and can often be debilitating. About 3 in 4 men that suffer from Peyronie’s Disease are stressed or depressed as a result. Unfortunately, many male patients are embarrassed about the condition, preferring to suffer silently as opposed to seeking help.


Peyronie’s Disease Treatment

If a man’s penile curvature is severe or causes problems with sexual performance, there are several treatment options to consider.

Treatment options for Peyronie’s Disease include the following:

  • Xiaflex – medication is injected into the penile plaque. This may cause the plaque to become more flexible with home stretching exercises.
  • Tunica plication – permanent sutures are placed under the skin of the penis
  • Plaque excision with grafting – in very complex cases, a specialized tissue graft is used to replace the scar tissue or plaque
  • Penile implant – a penile implant is often used to correct penile curvature in men with severe erectile dysfunction that does not respond to medical treatments

Dr. Celigoj specializes in the treatment of Peyronie’s disease. He will customize a treatment plan to suit your personal needs and lifestyle.

If you suffer from Peyronie’s Disease, South Florida Urology Institute can help. Contact us today to schedule your expert consultation.