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Testicular Pain

Testicular Pain

The testicles are paired male sex organs located within the scrotum. They are responsible for producing sperm as well as testosterone. Men at any age will experience pain in their testicles during some point in their lives. They may feel this pain in one or both testicles, and the sensation can radiate into other bodily regions that include the penis, legs, and groin. Some problems may not involve the area directly; however, they can still feel pain in this area.

Causes of Testicular Pain

There are many causes of testicular pain

  • Trauma
  • Infection
  • Hernia or hernia repair
  • Tumor
  • Varicocele (dilated veins)
  • Post-vasectomy pain

Sometimes issues with structures near the testicle may additionally result in testicular pain. This could include varicose veins of the scrotum, and also epididymal cysts or inguinal hernias. Even testicular trauma may result in kidney stones. Unfortunately, this creates challenges for specialists, as it can often be difficult to identify the exact cause of testicular pain.


Treating Testicular Pain

Treating testicular pain in some cases may focus on symptom management and employing pain relievers. Specialists may additionally recommend icing the testicles to mitigate pain symptoms and reduce swelling. After a thorough medical history and physical examination, Dr. Celigoj may recommend some or all of the following tests: urinalysis, STD testing, bloodwork, ultrasound imaging.

At South Florida Urology Institute, we aim to identify the cause of testicular pain, while treating the condition and helping men get their lives back. Contact us today for your expert consultation.